Peter Kruse
Delano Bats Job Title:  What is your why? 3 words to describe you: Favorite quote: Advice to my younger self: One thing I love about WORKUP:

Dale Liebl
Precision Windings Job Title:  What is your why? 3 words to describe you: Favorite quote: Advice to my younger self: One thing I love about WORKUP:

Sean Douglass
DI Labs Job Title: Co-Founder of DI Labs What is your why? I changed my career path after nine years in the Mining Industry, to really reinvent my vision for the future. I not only wanted to further build my passion in life with my brothers, but also wanted to challenge myself to help create something unlike anything else out there. 3 ...

Jill James
Vivid Learning Systems

Website Vivid Learning Systems Job Title: Chief Safety Officer What is your why?  Unwind and make sense of OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) compliance for our customers and our organization.  Sounds nerdy huh?  It is; but guess what?  It saves lives.  The majority of my time is spent developing content for our marketing department, delivering webcasts and live presentations around ...

Brian Douglass
DI Labs Job Title: Co-Founder of DI Labs

Carl Douglass
DI Labs

Website Job Title: Co-Founder of DI Labs

Rhonda Otteson
Vela Strategy & MNCH

Website Job Title: Consulting Associate at Vela Strategy - Southwest/Central MN Coordination at MN Coalition for the Homeless What is Vela Strategies "why"? To partner with organizations to achieve their greatest potential and engage their stakeholders What is MN Coalition for the Homeless' "why"? To work with our member organizations, leaders and the community to ensure housing stability ...

Christa Otteson
Vela Strategy

Website Job Title: Partner & Principal How I describe my job at Vela Strategy: My specialty is applied research (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.) -- and my inner nerd really shines when I get to use my research background to focus on creating more inclusive communities and organizations, where everyone has a chance to bring their gifts forward. At Vela, our aim ...

Kyle Bjorkman

WebsiteComing Soon! Job Title: President and CEO of INTELLI-CORE What is INTELLI-CORE's "why"? There are multiple reasons why we see an opportunity to develop and manufacture RVs and trailers. Some of which include the fact that the industry in general has very poor quality, lacks innovations, and is very slow to evolve. We not only are working to greatly improve and ...

Sam Bowen
Ridgewater College

Website Job Title: Dean of Customized Training & Continuing Education How I describe my job at Ridgewater College: By leveraging the resources of Ridgewater College and the MnSCU System, we provide training services to employers, professionals, and job-seekers in our communities that has an immediate positive impact on individuals, families, businesses, our local economy and our communities. I am extremely blessed to ...