Infuse new energy and ideas into the daily grind by having your team meet in one of our three inspired meeting spaces. All three rooms are fully furnished with giant flat screen displays, plenty of whiteboard space, big windows for natural light, and a variety of layout options to suit your meeting needs.

Our meeting rooms are available to Workup members along with non-member businesses or organizations.


100MB Internet

Coffee & Water

Catering Options

Flat Screens


the Lakeside

$50 hour

$100 half day

$200 full day

Capacity: 12-40

Displays: 3-60″ flat screens

Dry Erase Board: 5’x 6′ glass

Layout:10 options

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the Retreat


$20 hour

$60 half day

$120 full day

Capacity: 2-6

Displays: 42″ flat screens

Dry Erase Board: mobile whiteboards

Layout: Conference table

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the Porch


$20 hour

$60 half day

$120 full day

$480 week

Capacity: 2-4

Displays: 42″ flat screen

Dry Erase Board: 5’x10′ metal

Layout: Desks or meeting table

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