Coworking is shared office space and amenities. Coworking spaces provide a casual, inspired atmosphere and are a great alternative to a home office, coffee shop, isolated office suite or corporate setting. More importantly, coworking spaces create a community of talented, passionate members with a positive culture of collaboration.

Coworking is for freelancers, independents, entrepreneurs and businesses. it is for part-timers or full-timers, drop-ins and passers-by. Coworking is for anyone who is looking for a cool, inspired space to connect, collaborate and get some serious work done.

The WORKUP community is built on a monthly membership system. It’s like a YMCA for business. We also offer meeting room rental to non-member businesses and organizations.

When you come to WORKUP, just bring your laptop, your ideas, and your passion for doing great work! We’ve got the rest covered. (including furniture, gourmet coffee, blazing fast internet and great people)

Yes! There are thousands of coworking spaces throughout the world and more popping up everyday! Here are a few articles to explain:

Top 100 Coworking Spaces in the U.S.

Coworking Wiki: Spaces in Midwest USA

WORKUP was started by REDstar, a local advertising agency with a 25-year history in the Willmar area. Much of the momentum, creativity and support needed to make this project happen, was provided by our Founding Members.

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