Jill James
Vivid Learning Systems

Website Vivid Learning Systems Job Title: Chief Safety Officer What is your why?  Unwind and make sense of OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) compliance for our customers and our organization.  Sounds nerdy huh?  It is; but guess what?  It saves lives.  The majority of my time is spent developing content for our marketing department, delivering webcasts and live presentations around ...

Abby Gronli

Website REDstar Job Title: Marketing Manager What is your why? I have always been a “people person” – I love getting to know others and building relationships, whether it be in my personal or professional life. I believe my “why” is to work closely with others to share knowledge, passion, and talents to ultimately help build and bring out the best in ...

Barb Abrams

Website redstarcreative.com Job Title: Writer, Producer What is your "why"? I've had many jobs over the years: television news producer, marketing manager, online editor and promotions director. My favorite part of every single one has been writing to communicate a message. If the words I put on a page help someone learn something they didn't know before and they've enjoyed reading what ...

Jayme Sczublewski

Websitehttp://www.redstarcreative.com http://workup.cc Job Title: Community Curator How I describe my job at WORKUP: I may be biased, but I think I have one of the coolest jobs around! Every day, I'm inspired by something or someone new. It's amazing to see what happens when you have a group of talented and passionate people under one roof; I get to witness that ...

Joanna Schrupp
MinnWest Tech Campus

Companymnwesttechnology.com WebsiteMinnWest Technology Campus Job Title: Business Development How I describe my job at MinnWest: My job is different on any given day. Because I am out talking to companies and marketing the MinnWest Technology Campus, my conversations are different depending on which company I am talking to. Not only am I marketing to companies who we want to locate ...

Mandy Heinen
Prinsco, Inc.

Websitehttp://www.prinsco.com Job Title: Marketing Projects Coordinator How I describe my job at Prinsco: My goal at Prinsco is to try to make everyone's lives easier. 3 words to describe me: Perfectionist, Honest, Brave. Favorite quote: "Train your mind to see the good in every situation" -Unknown Advice to my younger self: Don't worry so much! One thing I love about WORKUP: The ...