Fladeboe Land

STARTUP STORY: Fladeboe Land of Willmar, Minneapolis & Detroit Lakes, MN

Betsy Bonnema Stories

For 38 years, Fladeboe Auctions and Land Company has sold just about anything you can think of. The family-owned company began as Fladeboe Auctions in 1978 when patriarch, Dale Fladeboe went to auction school. All three of his children have followed in his footsteps to become auctioneers and join the family business, which is an institution in Southwest Minnesota. Fast …

The Story of QUP & MEETUP

Jayme Journey

WORKUP began as a dream to bring people together. A place where people could go to think differently, get inspired and most importantly, connect with others. When we opened in May of 2015, we knew that we wanted to offer a full schedule of programming. Events that would not only serve as opportunities for continuous learning, but also encourage those …